Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lapointe's Seafood Grill

Category: Bistro/pub fish dishes.Location: In the “Galerie de Hull” mall :320, boul. St-Joseph (near Montclair).

Website: http://www.lapointefish.ca/

Tel: (819) 770-6221

Price: 35$ for one of the daily specials and a glass of wine after taxes and service.

Ambiance: Annex to a fish monger store. Bistro style restaurant awkwardly situated near the mall food court. Open kitchen. Plastic table cloth. Kitsch fishing and seascape decor. The only washrooms available are those of the mall but they are located nearby. This place is loaded with office workers at diner time.

Menu: This is a restaurant where fish takes center stage. If you don’t like fish and seafood, you will hate this restaurant. Otherwise, the choices are quite diverse: pasta, various fish dishes and even fish and chips for the less adventurous. You can get wine by the glass but the choice is quite limited but not as much as it is for bottled wines which is nonetheless a bit narrow.

Service: Courteous and efficient.

Food sampled: Halibut filet with a crab and shrimp mousse. This was one of the daily specials and at 20$ before taxes and service, it was the most expensive one. The plate looked appetizing and was served with a good variety of vegetables which were all delicious although a bit oily at times. My fish and especially the mousse that covered it were a bit overcooked to my taste but I tend to prefer my fishes slightly undercooked.

Overall satisfaction: If it wasn’t for the mall location, this restaurant could be a very nice neighbourhood restaurant with far from perfect food but still a very decent offering for the price, especially in this city. There are other branches of this restaurant in the city, including one in the market area; I might want to give them a try some day. If you come from Toronto or Montreal however, you might be disappointed by the quality and price of the food in this restaurant but Ottawa is not really a culinary destination, especially when you can’t afford the best establishments of the capital.


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