Wednesday, January 11, 2006

After "Clair de Lune" it is now the turn of "Cafe Henry Burger" to shuts its doors

I just read this article about to closure of one of the best restaurant in Ottawa. This happens just weeks after another famed local restaurant, Clair de Lune, was also shut down after many years in the business. Both restaurants attracted the rich, famous and powerful as well as young lovers on first dates or local foodies in search of culinary excitements. In both cases, business was not what it used to be and the owner of Cafe Henry Burger even blames the recent "greater scrutiny of public servants' expense accounts". The food of these two restaurants was excellent but for what I have seen it was also a little bit on the traditional side; lets say that they were more into the French Laundry's classicality then El Bulli's experimentations.

But lets be frank here, Ottawa is not and I don't even believe that it once was a great city to dine out. When we move here from Toronto, one of the first things Fufu realized was that there were almost more outdoor sports shops then restaurants in the city. Well it is not totally true but the amounts of outdoor sports shops here is quite spectacular when compared with that of restaurants. Ottawa seem to be a place to play outside but not a place to socialize and eat. We are still slowly discovering the city but so far our list of interesting places (budget-wise or gastronomically-wise) is quite short. It seems there is neither offer nor demand for cheap AND good restaurants in the area... and now we just lost two of the good restaurants in this city.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any idea why Brava Brava has been closed all week? Also what happened to the Celtic Cross Pub? Elgin street on a downward spiral in 2006?

1:57 PM  
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Blogger Stevie said...

Having only had a few chances to explore Ottawa, I am going to have to carefuly peruse your blog here for good advice on places to dine... I am there a few times a year for conferences, and in January heading again this time with my boyfriend, so we are taking a little time to relax. Always like to find a good spot to have a leisurely bite to eat.
The last time I was in I stayed with with a good friend of mine who lives downtown. I did a lot of wandering and reading my book and all that escapism stuff, including finding a couple of nice spots to have lunch. My point: really fell in love with the Byward Cafe in the Market. If you haven't been, head down sometimes. Bistro style, excellent sandwiches and the potatoe salad was divine. And they have this chocolate dessert made just for them... cheesecake and chocolate ganache... oh... my... goodness...
Best part: made to feel like I was an old friend by the owner and staff. By my third consecutive lunch visit (it was that good), he had my espresso waiting for me when I got to till.

8:01 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Stevie That's awesome! I'd love to try that restaurant in ottawa sometime! I love getting to know the chefs and waiters/waitresses.

10:41 AM  

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